Molluscum Contagiosum

What is Molluscum Contagiosum: 

Molluscum is caused by the poxvirus Molluscum Contagiosum (MCV). It is highly contagious, and usually afflicts children under ten years old. It often appears as pearly, red, white or flesh colored skin nodules with a dimpled center filled with white, waxy material. There are few effective options for those suffering from Molluscum and to ultimately relieve Molluscum, you must kill the virus at the root of the infection.

What Fights Molluscum: 

Conzerol® is formulated with a concentration of antiviral phytochemical compounds found in nature. Be free to go about your daily activities within a few weeks.

Signs of the molluscum virus responding to treatment are generally seen within the first 7-12 days (shrinking, drying-out, reddening, or a tiny black dot in the center of the lesion). Results may vary

Conzerol® is a painless topical cream that will cause no scarring- unlike freezing, burning, blistering agents, and other common and harsh methods of treatment.

Be Molluscum free. Fast, Safe, Painless, No Side Effects

A Mother’s Story

What Our Customers Are Saying
Lucia W

Thank u thank u!!! My 3 year old got her bumps in July we’ve tried soooo many products but yours actually works
I have pictures to prove it!!

Lucia W
Jesse F

I was amazed to see many of my daughters bumps disappear completely within a week.
Thank you for a wonderful product that works! Best of all no pain and not scarring.

Jesse F
Dee G

I can’t thank you enough, the results after 2 and a half weeks of treatment are amazing. At least twenty spots down to 3 and fading fast, thanks so much. Zero scars the product is fantastic.

Dee G
Kristy L

Noticed an improvement within one week! Tried 2 other products first. Wish I found Conzerol first. Probably would have been gone by now

Kristy L

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