A Mother’s Testimony- Conzerol Really Works

We ordered your product at the beginning of Feb 2013 and started using the product once a day, at bedtime, on February 7th, 2013. We would place a dot of the medicine on each lesion and then take the blow dryer on a cool setting and dry it quickly, as to not stain her pajamas. My daughter had the lesions on her arm/trunk area as well as behind her knee. This picture shows how well the product works and we’re only using it once a day. The first picture was taken on Feb 7th, the second picture on Feb 25th. The cream literally dries out the lesions within a few days. You have some dryness where you put the product but nothing vaseline won’t fix. It always looks like there might be some “scarring” once they dry up but it disappears within a few days of the lesions going away. It’s AMAZING. I’m so glad I researched and found your product. We’re currently having my daughter go through a treatment of yeast shots at the dermatologist. She was having them once a month and it was supposed to build up her immunity to fight the virus. We will discontinue that treatment now that we’ve found Conzerol. My 3 year old daughter also has eczema which made the virus/lesions even more miserable for her. I’m passing your info on to our dermatologist/pediatrician. It can help SO MANY children/parents who are dealing with this annoying virus. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  Jill A.

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