Can my child go to day care or school if he or she has molluscum?

How to wash infected hands - molluscum contagiousumWith the proper care there should be no reason why a child with molluscum cannot go to school or daycare. Keep these things in mind when sending the child to school or public.

1. If there are growths that will not be covered by clothing then they should be covered by a bandage. Bandages should be changed daily or when they are soiled.

2. If a child has molluscum growths in the diaper/underwear region and they need assistance in going to the bathroom then these growths should also be bandaged to prevent the spread to adults.

3. Bandaging the growths will not only protect the child from spreading molluscum to other parts of their body but it will also prevent them from spreading to other children and adults.

4. Bandaged growths control scratching which can lead to secondary bacterial infections.

5. Remind your child to wash their hands frequently. Using antibacterial hand lotion is also recommended.


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