How is molluscum contagiosum treated?

As always you should consult a health care provider about treating your molluscum outbreak. Generally there is no treatment required since it will go away on its on in 6-12 months, although extreme cases can last up to 4 years.

To prevent the spread of molluscum to others and other areas of the body you should keep all the bumps covered. If you are going in a pool or sauna you should cover the nodules with a water tight bandage. You should remove the bandages in the evening when there is no danger of physical contact with others so you can let the skin breath.

There are a number of treatment options but not all are effective and not all treatment work the same for everyone. Treating the molluscum growths can prevent the spread to other parts of the body. Treated molluscum for people with a weakened immune system can be difficult. The best treatment in this case is to strengthen the immune system of the infected person.

Cryotherapy is one treatment option for molluscum. This is when they actually freeze the growths, just like they do with warts.  Another option is to remove the fluid inside the bumps.  You can also remove the bumps with a laser.

All of these options can be quite painful. With the cryotherapy and the fluid removal there can be scaring. There can also be scaring with natural healing but it is much more unlikely.

If the molluscum becomes really bad your doctor can prescribe you several different medicines that can help.

There are also many creams that you can get that are over the counter and have had great success in treating and curing molluscum. I would recommend Conzerol because I have personally seen many people have great success with this product.


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