I have molluscum. How can I avoid spreading it to others?

The best way to avoid spreading molluscum to others is to keep the infected area clean and covered. Most times this can be accomplished with clothing but for outbreaks on your arms or hands you should keep them bandaged. Remember that casual contact with the molluscum virus can cause it to spread to others areas and other people. While at home and there is no danger of spreading it to others you can uncover the infected areas and allow them to breath.

Molloscum growths should be covered before participating in sports or activities where your body will come into contact with another person’s body. If you are going to be using a pool or sauna you should use water tight bandages. Never share a towel or other personal items if you have molloscum. Women should not have electrolysis done in areas where they have molluscum outbreaks. You should avoid having sexual contact if you have a molluscum outbreak in the genital area.