Molluscum in Children

We understand that having a child with molluscum can be very dis-heartening. Be encouraged! It will pass.

Molluscum is very common. Many families have experienced the benign and self-limiting effects of this virus.

 After examining your child:

  • Wet and soap your hands.
  • Vigorously scrub the surfaces of your hands for 15 seconds.
  • Rinse and dry your hands.

Once my child is cured can they be reinfected with molluscum contagiosum again?

Yes. Future infections are possible. Recovering from molluscum does not make someone immune. Always be careful with skin to skin contact.  Molluscum does not remain dormant in the body. If someone develops molluscum lesions for a second time, they have come in contact with the virus (via person or object) anew.

The lesions develop 2-8 weeks after your child becomes infected with the virus.  Individual lesions generally last 7-12 weeks. After which they go away. Newer lesions develop as previous ones resolve, as the virus spreads from one part of the skin to another.  Pustules appear and resolve over several months until full resolution from the virus.  It may take 12-24 months for molluscum to completely resolve. It may take up to five years.

The main concerns for molluscum is the cosmetic appearance and the fear of transmitting to others.  The lesions should have no discomfort, unless they have a secondary infection. Such lesions can be treated with topical antibiotics.

Try to contain the molluscum. Someone else may become infected by contaminated objects (fomites) such a towels, soft toys, shaving equipment, tattoo equipment, electrolysis tools, sponges, bathing scrubs, bed sheets and clothing. The virus can also traverse from one part of the body to another (auto-inoculation or self-reinfection) simply by touching a lesion then touching another area of one´s own skin. A child is contagious until the last lesion resolves.