molluscum contagiosum and fear for life?!? need advice?

Question by Xfactor: molluscum contagiosum and fear for life?!? need advice?
I’m a 22 years old married man. I’ve been with my wife for a year now. I’ve only been with 4 girls prior to meeting my wife and I’ve always used protection when i had sex, except with the last girl before I meet my wife, I had unprotected oral. but I used condoms for vaginal again(always). so since I meet my wife I wanted to make sure I’m clean of any STDs(STIs). Since then I’ve tested 4 times for HIV and once for all other STDs. tests at 1,3,5 and 8 months. I’ve tested negative for all STDs except Oral Herpes. My wife tested negative for all of them including oral herpes. What makes me worried is this molluscum contagiosum on my lower abdomen. I dont know how I got it or where. I’d had never had anything with a girl that had such thing on her. Long story short, I have it and its really annoying. I feel stressed, depressed and weak. I feel guilty and live in fear of STDs even though I’ve been tested several times. I wanna get rid of molluscum and I dont know how. I love my wife and I’ve never cheated on her or plan or doing so. I dont wanna give her an STD either. I’m scared to have sex with her thinking I’m not clean or smth.I wanna move on with life, be happy with my wife and be stress free and It seems like I cant. I’m tired of feeling sick and sick of feeling tired. I want advice. Please help me. god bless all

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Answer by drew
Molloscum contagiosum are not serious, and some doubt whether they’re even sexually transmitted. You can certainly get them by means other than sex. They are caused by a virus, so try to keep them covered and do not pick or attempt to pop them. Cover each one in a small band-aid until it goes away. That should keep them from coming back.

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