is molluscum contagiosum related to HIV in adults?

Question by Xfactor: is molluscum contagiosum related to HIV in adults?
scared of STDs!!! need help?
in late may i got a few (2-3) tiny pimples on my lower abdomen. I told my wife about that and she said, its nothing serious. it will go away. later on in the next two months i got a few more (around 30) of the same kind. i got worried. i started looking on the internet and i found similar pictures which look like molluscum contagiosum. I went to a dermatologist and he said he thinks its molluscum and he send samples for biopsy. he got them removed. i’m waiting to see if they will clean up. they werent large in size. normal looking size. I’m married to my wife and for the last 7 months i havent had any kind of sexual relationship with any other woman, since i met my wife. I’ve been tested negative for HIV 3 times the last 6 months. the last 2 times I tested together with my wife. she tested negative too. we havent just tested for HIV but all other STDs as well. my wife doesnt have any signs of molluscum. I have a few questions:
1. is molluscum related to HIV in adults?
2. can I be confident in our test results?
3. are hiv rapid tests by oral fluid (the one i took at 3 and 7 months) as accurate as the blood drawn by vein (which i took at 5 months together with my wife)?
4. Did I test at the right time?
I’d appreciate answers from anyone with knowledge about this. I’ve been really stressed and anxious lately. I dont know what to do? I’ve always used condoms before except now with my wife. could i have caught something from receiving oral sex? my ex partners tested negative for HIV unless they were in the window.

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Answer by Meelee Love
Molluscum contagiosum is not related to HIV. When someone has HIV/AIDS their Immune system is weakened by the virus so that make them susceptible to any bacterial or viral infection they come in contact with. Even if your molluscum test come back positive don’t mean you have HIV. I think you are negative after all the HIV testing you and your wife have done, but to feel totally confident get a blood test for HIV after a year of your first test and trust those results because after a year if you had HIV it would definitely show up by then. Blood test are always more accurate then oral swabs test. It appears your doing everything right by communicating with your partner and getting testing so with that being said I think you’ll be fine.

Stay well!

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