my daughter has molluscum will this go away by itself?

Question by Tammy G: my daughter has molluscum will this go away by itself?
Is nano silver an effective treatment?

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Answer by dovespirit
The best way to treat Molluscum Contagiosum is with silver…Period.

Why is that? Because the only thing that can stop Molluscum cells from replicating (spreading) is nano-silver. Nano-silver is not the same as colloidal silver; nano-silver is tiny particles of silver, one billionth of an inch in size, electrically dispersed in petroleum jully and tea tree oil. it is completely safe, even if ingested, and the amount of silver used is microscopically small. There is no chance of absorbing too much. You would absorb more silver in your body wearing a silver ring in one day than you would if you used Molluscum SilverCure™ every day for a year! The reason nano-silver silver works for Molluscum is that it interferes with the cellular respiration of Molluscum lesions. Fortunately, Molluscum is extremely sensitive to silver, and silver does not harm the healthy skin around a lesion.
I have listed several sites below that may help you to help your daughter.
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