How to cure Molluscum Contagiosum in a child?

Question by theresa m: How to cure Molluscum Contagiosum in a child?
I have battling molluscum in my 3 year old for almost one year. She mainly has the bumps on her behind as well as on her legs. I took her to a dermatologist a few months ago, but the lady scared me. She said the procedure is painful, and they will go away on their own. Well, I feel so sorry for her, they are on her behind and are so red and she said they are sore. I can’t bare to watch my baby go through this. Does anyone know of a treatment that will help besides burning? I tried vinegar, seemed to work, but the ones that came off are bright red and it has been weeks. I am so worried about scarring. Please help, she is too young to have to understand this. Thanks.

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Answer by Nick

My son who is 2 has been dealing with them for about 10 months now. He’s been going to a dermatologist to get them scrapped off called “curretage”. The hard part is applying the gel that numbs the skin 30 mins beforehand, he fights us. The procedure is quick and relatively painless for him. The only thing is, it’s been an on goingbattle with them. Best thing is to taks an aggressive stance to rid them once and for all. Doctor or dermatologists are the best options.

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