Q&A: Molluscum contagiosum on lower abdomen, question?!?

Question by Xfactor: Molluscum contagiosum on lower abdomen, question?!?
I was diagnosed with molluscum contagiosum on my lower abdomen in may 2011. Since then I tested negative for hiv 3 times, twice with ELISA(EIA) blood test and once by oral swab(oral fluid) test.
tests were performed at 5,6 and 8 months after what I consider a risk (protected vaginal and unprotected oral sex, multiple times, same partner of unknown status).
I got the molluscum treated by liquid nitrogen. my question is: can I rely and be confident on my results?
I’m really anxious since then and I get worried if smth goes on with my skin, like dry skin and itchy skin.
please, I need advice and professional help regarding this. thank you

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Answer by J
To be honest you didn’t even really have a risk for HIV. You’ve also tested out to 8 months which is well past what the CDC states is conclusive (3 months). Believe your test results and quit focusing on symptoms.

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