Q&A: Does tea tree oil really work on molluscum?

Question by Mitch & Katie’s Mama: Does tea tree oil really work on molluscum?
In our family there are several 5 to 9 year olds who’ve enjoyed swimming in the pool together over the summer. They all have these warts on them, including my 18 month old and 7 yr old and a cousin was taken to the doctor they told her it was molluscum contagiosum and used some beetlejuice to burn them off. It worked on most of them and they want her to go back but she was in a lot of pain with that and I know my kids need to go as well. My son has 1 on his stomach and some small bumps on his bottom that may be it. Then my baby daughter has 2 on her butt and that’s where the kids are getting them (on the bottoms). I definetely don’t want my daughter in diapers to get beetlejuice acid (Think what pee will do to it- ouch!) So I was checking online and came across tea tree oil for treatment. Does anyone know if this actually works? They are obviously highly contagious and considering that we all want them gone at the same time to never return!

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Answer by Chloe Penney
I don’t know if it works sorry,
but i have had molluscum before and i got rid of mine by using salt water, i know it sounds weird but it drys them out and soon the skin dies and starts to flake then it turns into a scab tht just heals.

or you can put plasters on them, this stops them spreading and drys them out again, this takes a little longer though and you have to keep them on for a few days.

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