Molluscum Contagiosum HORROR! Please give me some good advice.?

Question by Mitch & Katie’s Mama: Molluscum Contagiosum HORROR! Please give me some good advice.?
My niece has had molluscum going on 2 years. She is down to the last bump. My son had 3 on his belly. 1 I thought was a common wart, he has had since March. The others didn’t show up until 2 weeks ago. Also I noticed my daughter had 1 or 2 on her butt. Now, we go to the doctor who says this is self limiting and it wasn’t necessary to do any treatment, as was told to my niece. My daughter now has about 6 molluscum warts on her butt and heatrash around her mouth that may also be molluscum infection. It seems I notice new ones after poopy diaper changes so we try to check her diaper more often and change it immediately. My son I just want to cry about it we started counting and there are over 300! He is itchy, I told him scratching will spread it. He scratched 1 open and we were covering them with a band-aid, to limit spread it and it came out on the band aid. It looks like it may be infected now. I have been trying tea tree oil which has seemed to irritate their skin and may have even caused all this spreading. He told me he has them on his bottom as well, in that area they are the worst. I am pretty sure he had them a while because some are big and he was ashamed to tell me. He doesn’t want to go to school. Most of it looks like heat rash. They are teeny tiny but I know they will grow. I’ve read everything on the internet a bunch of seemingly scam ointments etc. Are we really just doomed to deal with this monsterous disease for the next 2 years?

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Answer by MiaPia
I have never heard of this before, googled it, oh my! Your poor kids, my heart breaks for them, I can’t imagine what you, their own mother, is going through, let alone the children.

You need to get a 2nd opinion. And a 3rd, and a 4th… If they are uncomfortable, they need to have treatment and I would search until I found a doctor that would help.

So sorry, I hope they feel better soon.

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