Q&A: Will Molluscum contagiosum hurt during pregnancy…?

Question by TOTAL CONFUSION: Will Molluscum contagiosum hurt during pregnancy…?
I am 25 weeks pregnant and I was told that what I thought was a rash is Molluscum contagiosum will this hurt the baby and what can I do to make them go away…..

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Answer by iloveveggiesnstuff
Well thats basically a viral infection. Do you know anyone you had recent contact with that had any signs of it?
One thing you can take naturally is something called Grapefruit Seed extract. (GSE)
It is actually anti-viral. It is safe during pregnancy as long as you follow the proper dose (5-10 drops) if taken internally. You can also put some in a spray bottle and apply it externally. ( i would do both)
I took GSE during my pregnancy to keep my immune system strong. I had no problems with it.
I would recommend talking with your doctor too of course.
It would be possible to spread that to your baby when he/she is born if you have skin to skin contact.
I would also talk to a dermatologist if you haven’t already.
You can also take garlic, but don’t over do it with that while pregnant. (garlic is also anti-viral)
You can also try putting some collodial silver on the affected areas. (it is also anti-viral and antibacterial)

Those are just some natural safe things to try while pregnant.
The Dr. can also give you antibiotics which may work. They treat it like a wart and can even freeze them off etc.

Hope that helps!

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