Q&A: Molluscum scars/ pigmentation?

Question by xxx: Molluscum scars/ pigmentation?
I was diagnosed with Molluscum in mid December and I used for treatment of mixture of cryosurgery, curettage, and Aldara. However since I was allergic to Aldara I stopped using it. For the last two weeks I had no active lesions but the old ones are still red/inflamed and for some of the very first treated (almost two months ago) there’s still hyper pigmentation of the skin. I must mention that overall i had about 60 of them.

Can anyone tell me what can I do to heal faster and/or at least make them less visible? In general they say molluscum leaves very little scarring; is there anyone that still has permanent marks?
How long should I wait before I can be safely considered not contagious?
One more question: suppose you are no longer contagious, but you still have some scars that will not disappear too soon (maybe several months). What are you going to do when you start dating people? I think it’s ethical to bring it upfront and tell your potential partner about it. Did anyone had unpleasant experiences about it?

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Answer by Jason
hello there fellow molluscum victim. i was diagnosed in september of last year and i also used cryosurgery in the form of liquid nitrogen coupled with the aldara cream, but i was not allergic. the mixture of the two was very effective. id say i had about sixty total warts as well.

as far as the healing and scarring is concerned: i have been using vitamin E and applying it to my scars. it has been helping a little but the last of the warts that have recently died (~ 2 1/2 weeks ago) still have large red marks where they were. they have not completely healed, and the warts that have healed are almost completely invisible.

my doctor told me that the liquid nitrogen, and the virus, only affects the dermis of the skin, so scarring shouldnt occur. however, he said that it would generally take 6-8 months after healing to have to scars become completely invisible.

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