Has anyone else’s child or children have Molluscum contagious?

Question by love my lil girl: Has anyone else’s child or children have Molluscum contagious?
My poor baby has Molluscum contagiousm. Its a viral infection causing blisters that look like warts.

Fathers day weekend she had a fever and was irritable. I thought she was teething or had an ear infection, so I took her to the doctor the next day, they presscribed her some antibiotics and she seemed to feel better. at the end of the week though, i noticed a couple blisters.

She had about 5 blisters last friday, i thought it was chicken pox, but we took her to the doc and they said it was some kind of viral infection and they didn’t know what kind. This week she has more than doubled the amount of blisters. After searching and searching i have come to the conclusion that it is Molluscum contagious. They look just like all the pics that come up on the medical sites. they dont itch, they dont bother her, they are just ugly. Unfortunately the medical sites say that the docs wont do anything and that we’ll have to wait it out for up to two years.

I am irritated because her father and I purposely kept her out of day care so she wouldn’t get these kinds of things. She stays home with her father all day when I am at work. He takes her to the park frequently, like 3-4 times per week so she has exercise and fresh air. She is only 1 1/2. When we go to the stores i can see parents looking at her wondering what the blisters are. Parents at the parks don’t want their children to play with her because they think she is diseased. My poor little girl, I want the bumps frozen so they wont spread anymore but the doc wants us to wait for 2 years before they will do anything.

I have no idea where she got it either. She is not in daycare and usually doesn’t come in direct contact, physical contact with other kids. She does go to the park frequently and to target about 3 times a week with her father and I. that’s it though.

We are super clean people. I bath or shower her everyday, sometimes twice a day. I clean our entire apartment every week, with disinfectants and antibacterials. i use lysol constantly on her toys, and she only wears her clothes once and then i wash them. nothing is dirty around her.

Has anyone else’s child or children have Molluscum contagious? What did you do for treatment? Any advice?

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Answer by zitdr_02
Molluscum lesions aren’t blisters, but are firm hard papules, with a central core. You indicated that you have taken her to the local playground in the past; so, if indeed, these are molluscum, you apparently do have a source for the infection. But aside from that, why not take her to a dermatologist who can quickly accurately diagnose her, rather than to the pediatrician who said it’s “some kind of viral infection.” Obviously, that doctor doesn’t know what it is, and you are obviously at a loss for both the right diagnosis and the right treatment.

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