Childs wart bleeding – docs or not neccessary?

Question by Spooky1: Childs wart bleeding – docs or not neccessary?
She has a couple of clear small ones near the fold of her armpit. Saw the pharmacist the other week, he said common and not neccessary to see doc – but just keep an eye on them. He looked them up in his book and they were looked just like these:

She says the one she knocked at school bleed a lot (?) and hurts too.

Also does anyone know how to rid of them? – I am in the UK and want the least invasive remedy thanks.

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Answer by debbie
Hi, you need to go to the Doctors for this.
The bleeding one needs to be checked, but also you need treatment to have them removed as this is an unusual place to have them and I don’t think you should try and treat them yourself.

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