Q&A: Molluscum contagiosum or not?

Question by : Molluscum contagiosum or not?

I saw my family doctor and he looked at the bumps on my penis (about 3 of them and in different locations, but all close to the tip) and he said that it appears to be molluscum contagiosum. They look like pimples. He recommended I go see a urologist to see what treatment he would recommend.

I went to the urologist and he says he doubts it is molluscum contagiosum. He is not sure of the origins but referred me to a dermatologist to take a look. He also gave me a cream to apply to the bumps.

The bumps are getting smaller but the tip of my penis has been itching lately, on and off. The bumps are not itching, however.

These bumps have been on my penis for a little under 2 weeks (but are getting smaller and smaller now). When they first appeared, I squeezed them and a whitish puss came out (just like a pimple). Does this sound like molluscum contagiosum? What should I do now since I have conflicting diagnoses? I have never had intercourse but have had oral sex several times within the last few months (all with the same partner).


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Answer by Ella Broadhurst
Molluscum is extremely contagious, your partner should get checked out immediately. However, what you have sounds more like an STD.

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