Genital warts possible from a shared razor?

Question by H2Oskier: Genital warts possible from a shared razor?
While shaving my pubic area, I got a few tiny cuts from my razor but thought nothing of it. Within a week or so, I began developing bumps around the base of my penis. I’ve had docs call it both Molluscum and Warts, and am tired of getting no sure answer. When the bumps appeared, I had 2 other roommates sharing the same shower (and who knows what else), so I’ve wondered ever since whether I contracted warts from one of them using my razor. Is this type of contraction possible, or is it much more likely that this was a dormant HPV that appeared after I nicked my skin?

It has now been almost 2 years, and I have tried everything; from herbal remedies, to self OTC freezing methods, to Aldara. Looks like my next step will be cryotherapy.

Been with my wife for 3 years and she hasn’t had ANY symptoms. Previous doctor treated me with Aldara. The medication hasn’t worked worth a s**t.

Any thought or idea would be greatly appreciated!! This sh*t sucks.

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Answer by skincancerdoctor
yes it’s possible to get molluscum contagiosum from sharing razor. Most unlikely to get warts this way though it is remotely possible (if bathroom was warm and damp and flatmate had used razor very soon before you). If molluscum they will go away eventually though you can speed the process up by painting clear nail polish on them daily till they fall off (about two weeks). If genital warts they will recur no matter what you do. You need a definitive diagnosis – dermatologist and/or a surgical biopsy of one lesion

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