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Molluscum contagiosum is a cutaneous infection caused by a large DNA poxvirus that affects both children and adults. Transmission of molluscum contagiosum has been reported by direct skin contact and has occurred in wrestlers, patients of a surgeon with a hand lesion, and children sharing baths, towels, gymnasium equipment, and benches.Autoinoculation also occurs as evidenced by linear arrays of lesions on infected individuals. Molluscum contagiosum can likely be vertically transmitted, similarly to other viruses such as condyloma acuminatum and human papilloma virus. The virus that causes molluscum contagiosum replicates in the cytoplasm of epithelial cells producing cytoplasmic inclusions, and it may cause enlargement of infected cells.Molluscum contagiosum is more common in patients who are on steroid therapy or in those who have atopic dermatitis, immunodeficiency, or lymphoproliferative disorders. The severity of molluscum contagiosum is inversely related to the CD4 T-lymphocyte count. Molluscum contagiosum has been reported in 5.6% of children in kindergarten and in 7.4% of elementary school children.Molluscum contagiosum is common in the tropics and subtropics, probably because of the increased desquamation associated with hydration. Childhood molluscum contagiosum is common in Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and certain parts of Africa. Epidemiological studies suggest that transmission may be related to poor hygiene and climatic factors, such as warmth and humidity.Molluscum contagiosum affects both sexes equally. And persons of any race can be affected by molluscum contagiosum. Molluscum contagiosum appears to have a bimodal age distribution. The first is in childhood, when transmission occurs from nonsexual skin contact. The second is in early adulthood, when molluscum contagiosum occurs as a sexually transmitted disease.Most patients are asymptomatic; some complain of pruritus, tenderness, and pain. Some develop eczema around lesions. The incubation period ranges from weeks to months. If patients have eczema or other diseases altering skin barrier function, molluscum may spread more rapidly in affected areas.Firm, smooth, umbilicated papules, usually 2-6 mm in diameter, may be present in groups or may be widely disseminated on the skin and mucosal surfaces. The lesions can be flesh-colored, white, translucent, or even yellow in color. The number of lesions varies from 1-20 up to hundreds in some reports. Some lesions become confluent to form a plaque. Lesions generally are self-limited but can persist for several years.In children, papules are located mainly on the trunk and extremities. In adults, lesions often are located on the lower abdominal wall, inner thighs, pubic area, and genitalia. Although rarely found in the mouth or on the palms and soles, cases of molluscum contagiosum involving the oral mucosa, including the lips, buccal mucosa, hard palate, retromolar pad, and tongue, have been reported.In some conditions (eg, sarcoidosis, lymphocytic leukemia, congenital immunodeficiency, selective immunoglobulin M deficiency, thymoma, prednisone and methotrexate therapy, AIDS, malignancy, atopic dermatitis), multiple widespread, persistent, and disfiguring lesions can occur, especially on the face and possibly involving the neck and trunk. Patients with AIDS often develop larger and a greater number of lesions.There are few adequate and non invasive molluscum treatments. Surgically removing molluscum or using acids for molluscum treatment, as commonly prescribed, are traumatic and not always effective. AntiMolluscum-Rx is composed of naturally occurring high intensity antiviral extracts which have a lethal effect against the virus upon exposure.Application of this molluscum contagiosum treatment provides maximum and rapid penetration of antiviral agents into cell membranes without damaging healthy skin tissue. As a result, this treatment for molluscum enjoys a well earned reputation for its curative effects. The antiviral pharmacological activity of this molluscum treatment is well documented.AntiMolluscum-Rx is particularly invaluable not only in consideration of its ability to inactivate the extra cellular molluscum virus at very low concentrations, but also for its tolerability to healthy surrounding tissue, which makes this product so important in today’s pharmacopia. To learn more, please go to

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