Q&A: I’ve been touching Molluscum Contagiosum, what do I do!?

Question by : I’ve been touching Molluscum Contagiosum, what do I do!?
Well I’ve been touching this virus and it seems to apear contagious. I had no idea that this person had it. And and i done skin contact already. But I don’t have it yet. The person who has it says they’ve been going away so there not contagious anymore…(but the bumps are still on her skin) Most skin contact has been happening in the pool. Please help me! I Don’t want to get this virus! Can you also give me cure tips. Thanks guys!

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Answer by worrier
As long as the bumps are present it still has the potential to be contagious. That means that there is an active infection going on. More than likely as long as one of the bumps were not open, you have a good chance of not getting it, though if you shared anything such as towels that can greatly increase your risk. It will be a little while before any of the bumps would erupt. If they do, you should visit your Doctor.

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