I’m sick of annoying molluscum..?

Question by Mark W: I’m sick of annoying molluscum..?
I have it in the most embarrassing places.. inner thighs and ironically it wasn’t sexually transmitted (haven’t had it for nearly a year). It popped up earlier this year and it’s still there! It just changes positions. I read about how it goes away on it’s own but can take a long time… I want to speed that process because I might be dating again soon, and the last thing I want to do have that awkward conversation. What are home remedies.. I hear wart cream freezers doesn’t work. I’d prefer not going to my derm doc if I don’t have to. I hear that just rubbing the heads off in a warm shower so that the body recognizes them/starts the fighting process right away might work. I haven’t heard of any sure-fire creams, so is there anything that works WELL besides going to the doc and having him put liquid nitro by and literally on my nuts? haha, I think I actually found one by my lip and by my neck so I have to nip this in the butt, because waiting years is rediculous and not worth the stress. Thanks!

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You’re right the docs cn freeze them. You can actually buy the freezing stuff at pharmacies (labelled for wart treatment, but it’s the same). Your doc may also be able to offer immiqumod cream to treat the ones in delicate areas.

Have you gotten checked out for HIV? If you have HIV, then treatment of HIV may help you.

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