Just found out I have Molluscum…Help?!?

Question by Allie: Just found out I have Molluscum…Help?!?
I went to my dermatologist and found out I have contracted the skin virus Molluscum and I am a basket case since the bad news! I have NO idea how I could’ve gotten this…other than the tanning bed I’ve been using at the tanning salon over the summer…My doc said that it’s hard to tell the origin of where it came from cuz it can come from anything, like skin-to-skin contact (which btw I don’t have a sex partner, so the likelihood of catching it that way is 0%), or can come from contaminated objects (ie: faucets, toilets, tanning beds)…I’m upset cuz I found out the only way to get rid of it–is thru liquid nitrogen or the possibility that this cream the doc gave me may work…I don’t want to get scarred (thru the liquid nitrogen/freezing) so I hope this cream works! So my question is…Is there ANYONE out there that knows of an alternative/over-the-counter remedy for this?? I’ve read online about Silver Cure, but found out–that some ppl are complaining that it didn’t work & actually turned their skin grey!

Any (serious) help is much appreciated!

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Answer by DocDnStLouie
Follow the follwing link for more info: http://health.yahoo.com/other-other/molluscum-contagiosum-topic-overview/healthwise–aa18146.html

I hope this helped.

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