Antiviral Medications for Molluscum Contagiosum

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Molluscum contagiosum is a common, generally benign, viral infection of the skin. It is common in children, sexually active adults, and immunodeficient patients. What’s more, it is becoming increasingly more frequent as a sexually transmitted disease in sexually active young adults. This alarming fact makes an effective treatment for molluscum highly critical.Molluscum contagiosum is caused by the molluscipox virus, a member of the poxviridae family. This virus differs from other poxviruses in that it causes spontaneously regressing, umbilicated tumors of the skin rather than poxlike vesicular lesions. As molluscum is caused by a virus, it is highly contagious and can infect human tissue virtually anywhere on the body.In immunocompetent, nonatopic patients molluscum contagiosum is usually a self-limited disease for which treatment is not mandatory. However, when treatment is deemed appropriate, multiple local therapeutic options are available. Tretinion 0.1% cream has been used in the treatment of MCV. Trace erythema at the site of prior lesions was a noted side effect.A 10% iodine solution is placed on the molluscum papules and, when dry, the site is covered with small pieces of 50% salicylic acid plaster and tape. The process is repeated daily after bathing. After the lesions have become erythematous in 3-7 days, only the iodine solution is applied. Resolution has been reported in a mean of 26 days. Maceration and erosion can result.Oral cimetidine has successfully been used in extensive infections. The histamine 2-receptor antagonist stimulates delayed-type hypersensivity. The efficacy of cimetidine in treating MCV should be determined further. Because cimetidine interacts with many systemic medications, a review of the patient’s other medications is recommended.Another treatment option is the use of potassium hydroxide. The treatment was discontinued when an inflammatory response or superficial ulcer became evident. Resolution occurred in a mean of 30 days. This treatment had some complications including hypertrophic scar formation and persistent or transitory pigmentation.The use of pulsed dye laser for the treatment of MC has also been documented with excellent results. The therapy was well tolerated, without scars or pigment anomalies. The lesions resolved without scarring at 2 weeks. The pulsed dye laser is quick and efficient, but its expense makes it less cost effective than other options.Imiquimod 5% cream has been used topically to treat MCV by inducing high levels of IFN-α and other cytokines locally. This potent immunomodulatory agent is well tolerated, although application site irritation is common. It has had no known systemic or toxic effects in children. It is applied to the area nightly for 4 weeks. Clearing can take up to 3 months.Cidofovir is a nucleoside analog that has potent antiviral properties. Several small studies and case reports describe the successful use of cidofovir applied topically or administered by intralesional injection in several virally induced cutaneous diseases. However, its high cost, need for extemporaneous preparation, and carcinogenicity in some studies have limited its use.For patients with impaired immune functions with widespread and potentially disfiguring eruptions, the usual local destructive therapies are ineffective; antiviral and immunomodulatory medications have been more successful. AntiMolluscum-Rx is composed of naturally occurring high intensity antiviral extracts which have a lethal effect against the virus upon exposure.Application of this molluscum contagiosum treatment provides maximum and rapid penetration of antiviral agents into cell membranes without damaging healthy skin tissue. As a result, this treatment for molluscum enjoys a well earned reputation for its curative effects. The antiviral pharmacological activity of this molluscum treatment is well documented.The disease occurring anywhere on the body can be successfully eliminated with application of AntiMolluscum-Rx. This molluscum contagiosum treatment is concentrated with naturally occurring monoterpene aldehydes that have tremendous antiviral effects against the molluscum virus, as demonstrated in published scientific studies.Molluscum occurring anywhere on the body can be successfully eliminated with application of AntiMolluscum-Rx. This product is concentrated with naturally occurring monoterpene aldehydes which have tremendous antiviral effects against the molluscum virus, as demonstrated in published scientific studies.The effectiveness of our molluscum treatments provides real results. Specifically, AntiMolluscum-Rx is a powerful antiviral agent which inhibits the signal transduction pathways of molluscum viral proteins. To learn more, please go to

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