Q&A: razor bump/ingrown hair or molluscum??

Question by Tyler32: razor bump/ingrown hair or molluscum??
I shave all my hair down there and the hair that grows around my belly button. Last time was about a month, maybe a month and a half ago. Since then, ive acquired some flesh colored bumps on the skin where the hair has grown back. Almost sort of a pink, pus-filled look to them. I thought after a month, ingrown hairs would have went away by now, but I guess not? I have one just under my belly button that I picked at a moment ago and nothing really happened, it had a hard feeling to it and bled just a little, not much at all. Another reason I ask if it may be molluscum is because my girlfriend had it not too long ago, but im hoping its just bumps from ingrown hair. What can I do, at home, to remedy these little buggers?

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Answer by Natakid.
waxing will get the ingrowing hairs out

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