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Left untreated, molluscum contagiosum will eventually resolve in immunocompetent hosts but may be protracted in atopic and immunocompromised individuals. Some patients pick and scratch at the lesions, a habit that may lead to scarring. In addition, some schools and daycare centers will not admit children with visible molluscum papules. When patients seek medical attention and desire to rid themselves of the papules, there are several means of therapeutic destruction to help speed resolution. The decision whether treatment is necessary depends on the needs of the patient, the recalcitrance of their disease, and the likelihood of treatments to leave pigmentary alteration or scarring.One of the most common, quick, efficient methods of treatment is cryotherapy. Liquid nitrogen or dry ice are applied to each individual lesion for a few seconds. Repeat treatments may be required. Pigmentation and scarring may be caused by this treatment. An easy method to remove the lesions is eviscerating the core with an instrument such as a scalpel, sharp tooth pick, edge of a glass slide, or any other instrument capable of removing the umbilicated core. Because of its simplicity, patients, parents, and caregivers may be taught this method so new lesions can be treated at home. This method is simple but may not be tolerated by small children.Curettage can be used with and without light electrodessication. This method is more painful, and it is recommended that a topical anesthetic cream be applied to the lesions before the procedure to decrease the pain. This method has the advantage of providing a reliable tissue sample to confirm the diagnosis. Another method involves the use of adhesive tape. The adhesive side of the tape is repeatedly applied to and removed from the lesion for 10-20 cycles. This action effectively removes the superficial epidermis from the top of the lesion. However, repeated use of the same strip has the potential to spread the virus to adjacent, uninvolved skin.A 25% suspension in a tincture of benzoin or alcohol may be applied once a week. It contains two mutagens, quercetin and kaempferol. Some of the listed side effects include severe erosive damage in adjacent normal skin that may cause scarring and systemic effects such as peripheral neuropathy, renal damage, adynamic illeus, leucopenia, and thrombocytopenia, especially if used generously on mucosal surfaces. Podophyllin requires some precautions while podofilox is a safer alternative to podophyllin and may be used by the patient at home. The recommended use usually consists of application of 0.05 ml of 5% podofilox in lactate buffered ethanol twice a day for 3 days. The active agent is absolutely contraindicated in pregnancy.Cantharidin is applied carefully and sparingly to the dome of the lesion with or without occlusion and left in place for at least 4 hours before being washed off. When tolerated, this treatment is repeated every week until the lesions clear. Cantharidin can cause severe blistering. In conclusion, synthetic substances are alien to our system. On the contrary, natural substances make a better molluscum contagiosum cure than synthetic drugs because our bodies are designed to absorb and benefit from naturally occurring plant molecules. A cure for molluscum contagiosum made from plant extract compounds represent molecules of life itself, which are in perfect biochemical harmony with the human system.The tide of backing to nature is rising in the world especially in the United States and usage of natural plant medicine is consistent with this idea. Although synthetic drugs are effective, they have much side effects with high price. Some ailments could not be treated by synthetic drugs. The generation born in the baby boom after World War Two enter old age one after another and a variety of common illnesses occur frequently. Plant medicines have significant effect with little side effect and thus are very popular. What’s more, It’s a new social fashion that you should put emphasis on physical health and often take a variety of health medicines such as vitamine, mineral, plant medicine and so on.The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act passed by Congress included plant medicine, vitamine and mineral into food supplements category. This act greatly restricts the intervention with plant medicine from FDA, provides the most effective legislation assurance and creates good environment for great development. A series of clinical trials for plant medicine have approved that the efficacy of plant medicine is conclusive with scientific pharmacology to illustrate, which enhances the confidence of the people. To learn more, please go to

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Does anybody have an idea of what it can be? Morgellon or molluscum contagiosum? Other ? Symptoms : persistent piercing pain, itches like mosqito’s bite. Itch disappears immediately when white fiber is removed from the skin? I mean, that the fiber is an irritant.
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