Question about molluscum contagiosum!!?

Question by Mari-cruz: Question about molluscum contagiosum!!?
I was diagnosed with genital molluscum contagiosum about two months ago. They did the nitrogen freezin up of the bumps down there, and they told me they should be gone within 2 weeks. Well, it’s been amonth and i see more than before. My doctor is back at my school’s city and i dont want to go to another doctor. I want to get rid of this soon though, is there any over the counter cream or medication for it? any natural remedies?

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Answer by Dr. Charlie
Honestly there is not! I suggest going to a local dermatologist. No one has to know and it is quick,easy, cheap, and virtually painless. Instead of getting them frozen off, you need to get them burned off. it huurts for a split second then the pain is gone before you even leave the doctors office (trust me) The cost to go to a dermatologist is around 50 bucks (procedure included) without the use of insurance (trust me) you can call and ask all of these questions with the receptionist

As for the creams and what not, nothing works, it is easier and quicker getting it professionally removed. There is no sense walking around feeling worse and worse while slathering this crap on your bruised ego (i.e, Molluscum)

As for you being diagnosed with this…. you recently sleep with someone infected with the virus, The incubation period on this virus is 3-6 months so anyone in that time window could have been the culprit. On the other hand there have been studies out of berkley that this virus can lay dormant in your System for years before a stressor antagonizes it to reveal itself.

I suggest you dont worry and get it taken care of by a dermatologist, it is the quickest most efficient way to go about this, and believe me they see this stuff all day,so dont worry about that!

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