Q&A: ACVx Treatment For Molluscum Contagiosum?

Question by dustin: ACVx Treatment For Molluscum Contagiosum?
Does it really work? And can anyone give me the cure. I don’t have 15$ .

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Answer by tasmin28
YES YES YES!! really worked!! I used it for my daughter and was so so amazed with it! If you are dealing with a large amount of lumps, pick one section at a time. I also used a cotton but and vaseline and painting the vaseline inbetween the lumps so i didnt damage/hurt that skin. I kept the acv cotton wool soaked pads on it 24/7 changing it every evening. Only took a few days to notice significant different in an area. I would say each patch would be entirely and completely removed within 3 weeks. My daughter had about 8 patches in total but i treated her in about 16 stages. Took about 4 months to be completely gone but just getting rid of the very first patch was amazing. it seriously and honestly works and it is so cheap and easy! It did cause a little pain i think stinging/throbbing but using the vaseline helps with this!

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