How do I get rid of molluscum contagiosum for good?

Question by delina_m: How do I get rid of molluscum contagiosum for good?
My two preschoolers have it. I was given a wart medicine by their pediatrician but it burns them like hell and it does not get rid of them for the bumps come back again and again when it looks they disappeared. What can I do?

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Answer by ♥♥Cheelicious♥♥♥
They are supposed to resolve on their own.

“There is also a newer cream (imiquimod) that helps strengthen the skin’s immune system. The creams are applied directly to each growth. Unfortunately these creams do not always remove the bumps and they may be harmful.

The oral medicine cimetidine has been used for treatment of molluscum in small children. This medicine is available only by prescription. As with all medications, cimetidine may cause unwanted side effects.”

Good luck

I was just reading some newer solutions and interestly one of the recommendations was Tree Tea Oil, personally I love Tree Tea oil, it stinks badly but when I got a fungus in my toenail (from going to those cheap nail salons for my pedicure) it cleared it up, took awhile but better than taking the medication which also takes a long time to clear it and has terrible side effects.

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