Molluscum treatment scarring?

Question by pdsocialworker: Molluscum treatment scarring?
I’m looking for people who have experience with different treatments. We used Cantharadin, and there is some mild redness/scarring and I’m not sure it will go away or not. So the next decision is whether we should treat the rest (about 25) with cantharadin, or have them scooped out with a curette. I have a pediatric surgeon who will do them. I’m concerned about scarring, and with leaving them, they may continue to spread. Please help I’m struggling with making a decision. Several on her chest, I want the least amount of scarring. She is still young, and I would think, be more likely to heal better, especially if I buy special creams. I’d hate to do the cantharadin again, because of the blistering, but if it’s a better choice….

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Answer by justinsmommy
My little boy went through this about a year ago so I feel your pain! I bought a treatment over the internet called Zymaderm from It’s an all natural treatment made from tea tree oil,iodine and something else(I’m at a loss at the moment) It took a week or so to get the oil, but it worked wonders on my son! I put it on him once a day. Usually right before bed. After only 2 weeks, all of his bumps were gone! He had around 100 of these things on his chest. If I remember right, I paid around 38 bucks for the oil, but I promise you it’s worth every penny. It will stop the spread of the bumps and it’s much less painful than having them removed by the doctor. He’s only got a couple of scars from the bumps, they were caused not by the oil but by the ones that were removed by the dermatologist. Trust me, from one mommy to another, try the Zymaderm. On the website, you can chat with someone and they’ll answer all your questions. It was the best 38 bucks I’ve ever spent. My son is bump free now and there’s no sign of them coming back. Please email me if you need any help. I know what your going through and how frustrating it is.

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