Treatment for molluscum contagiousum?

Question by Emily: Treatment for molluscum contagiousum?
I was diagnosed with molluscum contagiousum at the dermatologist, and he said the cure was to apply a small amount of liuid nitrogen onto the effected area. Then he said in a couple weeks it would scab over and fall off.

Well the area where he applied the liuid nitrogen has not become a scab, but rather become two large, red, pimple like bumps..
Was his diagnosis wrong?
Does anybody know of a home remedy of getting rid of molluscum contagiousum?

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Answer by Daniel
his diagnosis was not wrong, because the infected area becomes a pustule, then gradually hardens as leukocytes and platelets inhibit the area, and this causes the cut off of oxygen to the pustule causing a scab, it then falls off. liquid nitrogen is necessary to catalyze the reaction to start the pustule process and unless you have medical grade nitrogen the has been incubated, an at-home treatment would not prove effective.

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