Molluscum Treatment (What’s Best)?

Question by Molluscum Mom: Molluscum Treatment (What’s Best)?
My daughter has been diagnosed with molluscum contagiosum. Our pediatrician told us just to watch them and they would go away but they seem to be spreading?

Are there good treatments for this condition?

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Answer by Derm Geek
When it comes to molluscum treatment, there are several different ways you can go. Observation is definitely one of them but they virus can spread while you are waiting for it to go away.

There are several topical treatments that can be used. These include Aldara cream, Retin-a and others.

One of the most common treatments is with cantharidin or cantharone. This is actually the extract of a blister beetle and is applied by a doctor directly to the molluscum bumps themselves. The “beetle juice” is then washed off about 4 hours later and tiny blisters occur a day or two after the treatment. The blisters then take the molluscum right off of the skin. The nice thing about the cantharone is that it won’t hurt your daughter.

There are other treatments as well including freezing with liquid nitrogen and scraping the bumps (called curettage), but these methods can be painful and depending on the age of your daughter may not be the best choice.

There is an excellent source with more detailed information and general information on molluscum that I have listed in the source section.

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