Does podophyllin really work for molluscum contagiosum?

Question by dm0: Does podophyllin really work for molluscum contagiosum?
Does this medication really cure molluscum and what is ACVx? Are there any real home remedies to cure this? Please help. Thanks!

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Answer by Kidd
My 9 year old had the most terrible case of molluscum. It was so bad that before I even could figure out what it was it had spread from his elbow, up his arm, into his armpit, all along his side and onto his belly. We took him to the pediatrician who told us what it was and gave us two antibiotic creams and said that it would probably be several months before it was cleared up and would remain in his system for up to 2 years. I was horrified. We used the cream for a month and nothing changed, in fact I think it got worse and his skin was irritated and dried out from the cream.
I had been taking something called ‘mms’ for other health reasons (a friend told me about it). It is very controversial but I have had so much success with it so I gave him a small ‘child size’ dose (you take it orally). I gave it to him for about 3 nights and then after the weekend I remembered I hadn’t checked him to see if it was helping….I pulled up his shirt and there was not ONE bump. I almost didn’t believe it. I actually have before and after pictures because it was so bad that I wanted to be able to document whatever we found that worked.
Just google ‘mms’ or ‘miracle mineral supplement’ and do your own Research. I know it’s controversial and I am not a scientist, but I watched it perform a miracle on my son….so it made mea believer

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