Molluscum Contagiosum Treatment Options

Article by Giancarlo Masseratto

Before you decide to treat molescum you need to be sure that what you have IS, in fact, molluscum contagiosum.

There are a plethora of skin conditions out there that look similar and it’s best to let a doctor confirm what it is that you have.

 Your approach to Molluscum Contagiosum Treatment will depend on how bad of a case you have.

If, for instance, you only have a couple of pimples (called molluscum warts), then the best option is to remove the warts mechanically.

 Mechanical molluscum contagiosum treatment usually involves 1 of 3 options.


A currette is essentially a small, sharp instrument used to scrape fine points.

The doctor will sterilize the currette and then basically cut out the molluscum wart.

The procedure can hurt but it’s not that bad.


In this type of molluscum contagiosum treatment, the doctor will use liquid nitrogen or NOS (nitrogen oxide) to freeze the warts off.

This stings a little bit but is generally tolerable.

Cryotherapy can require several treatments but may only require 1.

This is a cheap procedure.

LaserLaser removal of molluscum is best suited for severe cases where the molluscum covers a large amount of the skin.

This is also an expensive procedure that not every doctor is trained to perform, nor has the equipment to perform.

However, laser treatment of molluscum warts is very effective, with up to a 95% success rate.

 Systemic TreatmentsThese involve any kinds of pills or medicines taken internally.

These are generally not recommended even in severe cases of molluscum due to side effects.

When a medicine causes more problems than it solves, it’s better to stick with a safer treatment.

 Topical RemediesTopical remedies include creams, lotions and other various applications.

Mollescum is a very resilient virus and topical treatments tend to have little effect in the short term.

Since molescum can linger for up to a year, the short term is certainly the treatment window of choice!

 Do It YourselfIf you have one or two stray molluscum warts, you can remove them yourself.

I am not a doctor and you should certainly consult one before attempting any kind of surgery on yourself.

However, I’ve personally done this and if done in an intelligent, sterile fashion, it is no different than a currette procedure, in essence.

This requires that wash the area with an antibacterial soap.

Then sterilize a needle in rubbing alcohol.

You will use the needle to puncture the molluscum wart and widen the aperture at the site of puncture.

Then you will smoosh the surrounding skin to squeeze out the waxy white ball in the center.

It’s vital that your opening is big enough to let the ball through.

The site will bleed but do not be alarmed.

Simply work to remove the virus and once you have discard it.

Then apply hydrogen peroxide to the site of the molluscum contagiosum treatment and once the bleeding abates, you’re done!

Be extra careful not to allow contaminated cotton balls, finger, etc., to touch surrounding healthy skin to as large a degree as possible.

If you have many molluscum warts in close proximity, this procedure is probably not for you.

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Giancarlo Masseratto is a well-informed patient who writes about diagnosing, treating and curing Molescum Contagiosum, on his Molluscum Contagiosum Treatment page.

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